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Download PDF of this full issue: v47n1.pdf (28.5 MB) by Douglas Valentine Of course, the CIA ran the killing operation in Vietnam known as Phoenix, which Valentine convincingly documents the crimes. Ellsberg worked with the worst of the CIA in Vietnam planning the slaughter of civilians in the Phoenix program. While researching Phoenix, Valentine learned that the CIA allowed opium and Based on interviews with senior officials, Valentine wrote two subsequent books, The Phoenix Program - America's Use of Terror in Vietnam ebook by Douglas Imprint: Clarity Press; ISBN: 9780997287028; Language: English; Download 

Phoenix Program. Forbidden Bookshelf (Series). Douglas Valentine Author Mark Crispin Miller Editor (2014). cover image of Interference 

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1 Aug 2019 MintCast Interviews Doug Valentine, Author of The Phoenix Program and The CIA as Organized Crime Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Download exposing the dark underbelly of the CIA and some of the agency's most notorious covert programs. Print Friendly, PDF & Email 

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He is a Cuban American.

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At the core of this neo-imperial project by leading capitalist states is an objective Under Phoenix, the torture was brutal, as Douglas Valentine has documented, with the use of Report/Chile90-Report.pdf>, accessed 22 November 2010.

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