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The Vintage Software collection gathers various efforts by groups to classify, preserve, and provide historical software. These older programs, many of them running on defunct and rare hardware, are provided for purposes of study, education… Note: We have released a ProtonVPN app for macOS! If your device uses macOS version 10.12 and above, you can download our app here. The tutorial for our macOS app is here. With our ProtonVPN Mac app, you can connect to ProtonVPN directly… In order to configure OSX Lion to use 802.1X authentication over WiFi, to login, and also connect (without prompting for credentials), we need to generate a .mobileconfig parameter file (plist). You would first need to download this file. (Filename: NUSWifi.mobileconfig, you can view it using any text editor to see the contents, to prove that it’s not anything malicious) To get the file into your iPad, the easiest way is to email…

CIS for macOS 10.12 remediated with script and configuration profiles - jamf/CIS-for-macOS-Sierra-CP

ovpnmcgen.rb generate --host my_vpn_host_name --proto udp --port listening_vpn_port --trusted-ssids the_WLAN_SSID_of_my_home_network --security-level medium --cafile my_ca_file_used_for_vpn --p12file the_pkcs12_file_created_before…

9 Jan 2019 By downloading this file, your APN will be switched to Yoodo's APN and will resolve any issues when you want to use yoodo4g.mobileconfig.

Containerised IKEv2 VPN server. Contribute to corlib/vpn development by creating an account on GitHub. Vytvořte a nainstalujte konfigurační soubory klienta VPN pro Windows, Linux, Linux (klient strongswan) a Mac OS X pro ověřování certifikátů P2S. Sec Setup SDP Piki - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Scribd ist die weltweit größte soziale Plattform zum Lesen und Veröffentlichen. Over-the-Air Profile Delivery and Configuration Contents Introduction 5 Organization of This Document 6 See Also 7 Over-the-Air Profile Delivery Concepts 8 Phase 1: Authentication 10 Phase 2: Certificate

MOBILECONFIG files are typically hosted on a remote profile service, which (for example, iPhone Configuration Utility OS X, Apple iOS) and download it from 

8 Aug 2019 After the file is downloaded, it executes a run command to extract the settings from the MobileConfig file and install them on the device. Now that your server will generate and sign the .mobileconfig files, you need to their name, email address, and password, and click to download the profile. MobileConfig allows the user to customize the "tweaks" and publish them for Multiple Configuration Files - I'd like to have the system be able to download,  The iPhone will ask to add the profile to the configuration. After adding, the iPhone may need Eduroam.mobileconfig is an XML file with the following content: We explain what MOBILECONFIG files are and recommend software that we know can open or convert your likely yours too. Download Free File Viewer here. 27 Jun 2011 Amazingly enough, there is not much documentation out there on how to hand-roll a .mobileconfig file that you can pass out on an HTTPS 

17 Oct 2016 This is the new way of setting up the iPhone/iPad on NetAngel. It prevents the user from easily disabling the VPN and/or deleting the app.

Simple IMAP/SMTP AutoDiscover, AutoConfig and MobileConfig - solitweb/mailconfig IKEv2 VPN Server on Docker, with .mobileconfig for iOS & macOS. - gaomd/docker-ikev2-vpn-server enterprise_deployment_guide - Free download as PDF File (.pdf) or read online for free. /** * This "script" are used with iPhone Configuration Utility. * iPCU.exe this.cs * * It will generate a mobileconfig configuration for use with iOS devices. * Based on example from Apples "iPhone Enterprise Deployment Guide". */ using… Vytvoření klienta Windows, Mac OS X a Linux VPN konfigurační soubory pro připojení, která používají ověřování pomocí protokolu Radius. If you try to use current Enroll.mobileconfig using Apple Configurator 2, you've probably noticed that it says ‘Unsigned’ when you send the .mobileconfig file to your device.