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pencil: Markdown code for lots of small badges :ribbon: :pushpin: (, etc) :sunglasses:. Badge for version for Visual Studio Code extension Github all releases](  readme_badges.npm.v(), npm package version badge. readme_badges.pypi.pyversions(), python versions badge. readme_badges.pypi.v(), pypi project version  Documentation for GitLab Community Edition, GitLab Enterprise Edition, Omnibus Examples for badges can be the pipeline status, test coverage, or ways to 

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We serve fast and scalable informational images as badges for GitHub, Travis CI, Downloads Platform & Version Support Your Badge. Static. Make Badge discord, gitlab, npm, paypal, serverfault, stackexchange, superuser, telegram, (version): (version) badge, /crates/dv/:crate/:version /github/downloads-pre/:user/:repo/:tag/total /jsdelivr/npm/:period/:packageName. 9 Dec 2019 The definitive collection of badges for rendering. Install. npm i badges. Fund this package. Weekly Downloads. 333  Version Badge provides a consistent way for the community to learn about the package associated with a particular Github repository and other documentation 

[snyk-version] - The version of snyk that is installed in the image, if version is omitted it will use the latest version. [package-manager] - One of the available package managers (e.g: npm, mvn, gradle, etc [package-manager-version…

Get recognition for learning that happens anywhere. Then share it on the places that matter. A digital badge is an online representation of a skill you've earned. downloads today, downloads in this week, downloads in this month Badge URL: 10 May 2018 Snippets to quickly insert badges into HTML, Markdown, Download the package extension from the the release page and install it from the svg-npm-ver - the version of a Node package; svg-gpl3 - link to GNU 

Monthly downloads: 120k Travis CI badge npm version badge CDNJS version badge dependencies Status badge devDependency Status badge Gitter badge 

Scans a repository's readme file, searching for badges - IndigoUnited/node-detect-readme-badges Powerful rich text editor framework with a modular architecture, modern integrations and features like collaborative editing. - ckeditor/ckeditor5 Implementation of the Accord Project Template Specification - accordproject/cicero Indexes of frequently used badges for NPM. Contribute to YounGoat/nodejs.badging development by creating an account on GitHub. [![Build Status](]( ![NPM version]( ![Downloads](… [npm-icon]: [npm-url]: [ci-image]: [ci-url]:…

25 Sep 2013 Add build status, version and dependency badges to your downloads, last update, version and even the install command: NPM 

To download styled-components run: npm npm install --save styled-components There should be a normal version and a big and primary version for the  a minimum of effort. If someone hasn't already built what you need, authoring and publishing your own Grunt plugin to npm is a breeze. See how to get started. Dependency manager version change, for example, you change npm from 4 to to a higher chance of decompression issues and corruption during download. The 2.0 version of the Apache License, approved by the ASF in 2004, helps us achieve our goal of providing reliable and long-lived software products through